Shondee Superstar is a superb stand-up comedy MP3 album or CD by comedienne Lashonda Lester. Lester is my favorite type of stand-up comic: a story teller. Her stories are original, touching, and relatable even if you have never been in that particular situation. This is a keeper for sure

Unfortunately, Lashonda Lester died before this comedy album was released. The fact we have lost a story teller is one thing but it makes the bits about having to go to the emergency and getting dyalisis a little creepy or somber, even if they are followed by a great bit on going to McDonald’s while stoned on Ambien.

The highlight of Shondee Superstar if I have to pick one is Pimp Story. This is the story about how Lester became a madam in Detroit. It is quite graphic if not verbally explicit and will certainly make you look at Chrysler in a whole different way.

It is ironic that the last track on this CD is I Just Need to be Famous. I am certain she would have been if….

Shondee Superstar
Lashonda Lester
Comedy MP3 or CD
Stand Up! Records 2019

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