South Park Season 22
10 Episodes
2 Blu-ray discs
Comedy Central 2019

Season 22 of Comedy Central’s South Park is pretty solid if a tad inconsistent. Then again, I am measuring this 2 disc 10 episode set against Season 19 and its focus on advertising. Season 20 and its take on the American electoral campaign is also tough to beat.

The highlight if South Park Season 22 is episodes 9 and 10 where an Amazon fulfillment center wreaks havoc on Comedy Central’s famous Colorado town. Jezz Bezos shows up as a Talosian (the big brained creatures on the original Star Trek). The two episodes take a very serious look at the gig economy and the anti-labor practices of big corporations. They also feature an accurate take on out need for instant gratification. The deal is sealed with just the right song: Sixteen Tons.

By the way, if you think the scenes where Bezos/Amazon are spying on people via Alexa are a joke you have not been paying attention to the real world.

Cartman is far from wrong when he states the best way to shut down any event is to call it insensitive.

The opening episode in South Park Season 22 is beyond weird. There is a school shooting at South Park Elementary and the students, teachers, and parents all behave as if this is no big deal. All of them except Sharon Marsh. It is rather telling of the state of the Union.

No South Park season would be complete without some religion being targeted by the irreverent humor. This time it is when the boys go camping with a priest and everybody jumps to the wrong conclusions.

I also liked the Halloween episode where Cartman and pals decide ever multiplying and left anywhere electric scooters are the best way to maximize candy gathering.

The weak link in season 22 of South Park is episodes 6-7 where Al Gore and the kids fight off man-bear-pig.

Special Features on South Park Season 22 Blu-ray include mini-commentaries by series creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone for all episodes, #social commentary for all episodes, and deleted scenes.

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