For only 2 dollars a month you can keep this kid alive long enough to produce six more people who have nothing to eat.

Doug Stanhope is From Across the Street where the asylum is. This stand-up comedy CD is what heroin is to methadone. Stanhope opens his show by stating not everyone is going to enjoy the show and even fewer will enjoy the CD. Then again, if you can appreciate the “Funny Thing About Child Porn”, you are one of the many people who will appreciate this dark, caustic, nihilist stand-up comic

Doug Stanhope is most certainly not an easy listening comic. The stand-up on From Across the Street is more half passed out on the couch at 3 a.m. with your underwear around your knees. This CD features a couple of absolutely brilliant routines; the one mentioned in the opening paragraph and “For Only Two Dollars a Month ….”

The rest of this stand-up comedy CD is also quite good. Stanhope does ramble on a bit sometimes but this is much better than a comic who does his set by rote. Other good routines are about false hope, violence in the U.S and the U.K., American health care (an oxymoron), how humans are a suicidal species. “I’m sorry if this gets too depressing but it gets worse.”

If you think I am kidding, the next routine includes a story about a Doug Stanhope fan who killed himself after a show.

The weak moment on Doug Stanhope From Across the Street is a part of Don’t Talk to Strangers where the comic has a bit of a time getting from point A to point B.

This Doug Stanhope stand-up comedy CD is for anyone who worked a suicide hotline for the fun of it.

From Across the Street
Doug Stanhope
Stand-up Comedy CD
Stand Up Records 2009

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