A Christmas Blizzard is a pleasant enough seasonal yarn by Lake Wobegon storyteller Garrison Keillor. This 5 comedy CD set is not a Christmas classic by far. The story is too loose and unfocused for that. A Christmas Blizzard also does not feature any characters you hear about on the News segment of A Prairie Home Companion. Still, if you are a Garrison Keillor fan, it might please. You might enjoy it more as a book:A Christmas Blizzard: A Novel

Garrison Keillor tells the tale of James Sparrow, a very successful and rich businessman who –like anyone in his right mind if you ask me—hates Christmas. He wants to go to Hawaii with his beloved wife. His wife, on the other hand, is a big Christmas fan who sees as many productions of A Christmas Carol as she can. A phone call from a relative telling his uncle Earl is very, very sick forces James to return to his hometown of Looseleaf, North Dakota. A blizzard forces Sparrow to stay for much longer than he wanted in a place he escaped on a day he hates.

A Christmas Blizzard is not really a Christmas tale. It does take place over the holiday and there is a Christmas supper but it is really a not particularly festive winter yarn.

Long time fans of News From Lake Wobegon will recognize a few old and a few more recent themes in this Keillor audio book: fishing houses, mystic encounters on the frozen ice, and the obsession with pump handles.

One reason Sparrow hates winter is he is always afraid he will stick his tongue on a pump handle. When was the last time you saw a pump handle?

Garrison Keillor’s A Christmas Blizzard is a decent enough tale. A better seasonal offering is A Christmas Companion

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A Christmas Blizzard
Garrison Keillor
5 CDs 5 Hours
HighBridge Audio

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