Unbalanced Load is quite an appropriate title for this Comedy Central stand-up comedy CD.

Doug Benson is a decent enough stand-up comic with decent enough material but nothing particularly stands out. Benson, who was also on Last Comic You Can Stand, Super High Me, and Comedians of Comedy Live at the Troubadour is your basic generic comic with generic material.

Doug Benson performs seemingly autobiographical stand-up comedy loosely structured in loose tales that have little to do with each other. His observational material is banal and the kind of stuff an open mic comic would use.

Not that I want to be Doug Benson’s analyst but I found this line quite telling: “You know, a lot of comics work really hard on their jokes but what I’ve been doing is I’ve been smoking a shitload of pot and working on my segues” in the opening minute on a bit where the joke is how weak the segue is.

Not to belabor the point but another weak point on Doug Benson Unbalanced Load is the stand-up comic constantly presents his material in that always ending with a question forced delivery and structure that just reinforces the fact this is nothing more than material.

Benson gets his big laughs from pot and shit jokes so there you go.

The final track on this Comedy Central stand-up comedy CD is titled Best Story Ever. Yeah, right

Doug Benson is the comic most famous for bashing the Canadian military on foreign-owned FUX News. This comedy CD is going to make sure it stays that way

Unbalanced Load
Doug Benson
stand-up comedy CD
Comedy Central Records 2009

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