Erik Griffin is better known as Montez Walker from the hit show Workaholics on Comedy Central.  I have never seen the show Workaholics and have only come to know Griffin through the buzz surrounding the release of this stand-up comedy  MP3 album titled Technical Foul: Volume 1.

You see, this album has received tons of press because SideOneDummy Records, a label that has historically focused only on punk and related music genres, is the label responsible for this album.  This is Side One Dummy’s first stand-up comedy album and I think the label made an excellent choice with Griffin.

This is a solid, solid album and I am so glad to have been introduced to Griffin’s work.  Erik Griffin is certainly not breaking down any barriers or treading new ground here, but that is not always a requirement.  Griffin has bits about the airports and the TSA, babies, relationships, scary movies… standard stuff for many comics.  Erik Griffin is just so darn likable though.  I defy you to walk away from listening to this album without a huge smile on your face.

The scary movies portion is my personal favorite.  It is a long form bit with a focus on the movie Insidious. Griffin’s personal journey with scary movies is hilarious and his deconstruction of Insidious highlights a lot of the absurdity in the horror genre.

Judging from the stated tracklist on iTunes and Amazon, my review copy appears to be missing two tracks — “Pocket Change” and “My Queen.”  As such, there is roughly 5 minutes of content that I am unable to review.  The balance of the album, though, will bring you good comedy bang for your buck.  This album is styled as “Volume 1”… I anxiously await Volume 2.

Technical Foul Vol. 1
Erik Griffin
Stand-up comedy mp3 album
Side One Dummy 2013

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