An Evening of Comedy in a Fake Underground Laboratory is the stand-up comedy album equivalent to adult easy listening music.

Eugene Mirman is a comic who tells very short anecdotes based on his every day life. None of them, such as his 10th grade report card, are particularly noteworthy but most of them are funny enough mostly because Mirman is a personable guy. This Comedy Central release features both the DVD and CD version.

There is an absurdist tone to some of these bits such as when Mirman talks about a Tea Party website he frequented or notes he hides in stacks of napkins or registering on a Christian dating site.

A noteworthy moment on this stand-up comedy DVD is the Q & A where Eugene Mirman answers questions the audience wrote for him on index cards. He has some pretty funny answers to some rather odd questions. The theremin bit is one of the oddest I have seen.

Some of these anecdotes are not particularly interesting. This includes Eugene Mirman publishing a letter complaining about his cable and internet service provider.

Overall this is a fun offering.

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An Evening of Comedy
in a Fake Underground Laboratory
Stand Up DVD and CD
Comedy Central 2013


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