The Prairie Home Companion annual Joke Show is no doubt the most eagerly anticipated and dollars to donuts the most listened to Garrison Keillor public radio show of the year. Even More Pretty Good Jokes, Vol. 1  the third Prairie Home Companion joke CD set after Plenty of Pretty Good Jokes and A Few More Pretty Good Jokes features the best moments from the last 3 or 4, including the two 2008 performances, of the joke show.Even More Pretty Good Jokes, Vol. 2

No doubt a lot of the popularity of the Joke Show and the Joke Show CD sets has to do with how difficult it can be to get comedy the whole family can listen to and these sets are the solution to that. 99% of the jokes on Even More Pretty Good Jokes are 99% pure. The other 1 % are fart jokes (yes, some people object to those) and a couple of innuendos.

There is something for fans of every kind of joke on this 2 CD set. Knock knock jokes are aplenty, as are light bulb jokes, guy or whatever walks into a bar jokes, blonde or Iowan or North Dakotan jokes, and two series of officially bad jokes.  Even More Pretty Good Jokes being a compilation of past Prairie Home Companion Joke Shows, there are a couple of jokes repeated but it is only a couple and they are repeated on 2 different CDs.

Also included on Garrison Keillor‘s Even More Pretty Good Jokes are a couple of Ketchup sketches, a Guy Noir story starring Garrison Keillor in the title role, and the chicken version of Simon and Garfunkel’s Sounds of Silence. No Joke Show compilation would be complete without the aural contributions of sound effect masters Tom Keith and Tim Russell.

This 2 CD set is an absolute treat and fun for the whole family. Caveat emptor: kids tend to really get into knock knock jokes so do not be surprised if you have a hard time breaking yours out of that habit.

Even More Pretty Good Jokes CD 1: Knock Knock song, Guy Noir, Sounds of Chickens song, Light bulb jokes, Sound effect contest, Bad jokes song, Jokes, More jokes, Ketchup Advisory Board, Knock Knock jokes song, News From Lake Wobegon.

Even More Pretty Good Jokes CD 2: Lives of the Cowboys, Listener jokes, One-liners, One-liner jokes song, Ketchup Advisory Board, Knock knock jokes song, Listener jokes, Work place jokes, How many jokes, More one-liners, Jokes, Jokes song.

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Even More Pretty Good Jokes
Garrison Keillor
2 CD set
HighBridge Audio 2009

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