Motherhood, A Radio Collection is a 2 CD compilation of bits from A Prairie Home Companion. While most Keillor CD sets are solid, this one is less so.

Although Motherhod is entertaining, it is not as together or on point as you might like it to be. This 2 CD set from A Prairie Home Companion features sketches, ditties, a Lives of the Cowboys segment, and two installments of the News From Lake Wobegon from 1996 to 2008. It is decent enough but not enough to recommend as a Mother’s Day present and such. This set is probably going to disappoint those who bought it based on the cover and the implied content.

The second News From Lake Wobegon segment (CD 2) Mother-Daughter Dinner from 2000 is a good indication of this compilation s weak point: only the title justifies its presence; there is nothing at all about mother daughter relationships in it. Also less impressive is the fact there are two routines with the same premise of a mother calling her son and giving him a bit of grief.

Some of the comedy sketches on this Garrison Keilor CD are quite fun like “How to Write a Letter to Your Mother in Juse Seven Days” or the musically varied and somewhat biting Mother’s Day Quilt on disc 1. Also on this disc, the News segment has a successful editor going back to Lake Wobegon after a nervous breakdown; this is not part of the thematic of this collection.

Disc 2 also has a few really good skits like Mother’s Day Prison Break even of the punchline takes a while to arrive. The Creationism sketch about how you came to be is kind of fun too.

Motherhood – A Radio Collection
Garrison Keillor
2 Comedy CD
HighBridge Audio 2010

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