A Prairie Home Companion Summer Love is a mostly musical 2 CD set of Garrison Keillor’s 2010 summer tour.

Those who prefer Lake Wobegon story compilations this is not the most interesting recording available but if you like Keillor’s radio show in general Summer Love has a country western flavor. It is quite entertaining and makes for easy listening on a long drive or trip.

The best tune on this 2 CD set is Driving With The Top Down, a Keillor original right out of the Beach Boys and doo-wop traditions. Keillor is also in pretty good voice on this one. A close second is C’est La Vie on CD 2.

Musical guests on this Prairie Home Companion CD include Sara Watkins who sings Will We Goand also performs a couple of tunes with Garrison Keillor.

Comedy wise there is a Catchup Advisory Board and Beebopareebop Rhubarb Pie. Both look at fatherhood and feature sound effects by Richard Dworsky. Summer Love CD 1 also features Guy Noir and one of the rare instances where Keillor sings the theme song. This episode has an excellent joke about the difference between hermeneutic and emetic English Majors will appreciate.

Very funny is Would You Like to Play the Guitar? with new words by Pat Donohue. If you have a guitarist in the family you will really really want to play it for him or her.

No Garrison Keillor CD would be complete without a News From Lake Wobegon segment. This one is a twenty-minute segment but unfortunately mostly rethreads the story of Florian Krebsbach forgetting Myrtle at a truck stop.

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Summer Love
Garrison Keillor
2 CD set
HighBridge Audio 2011

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