Patience is one of four CDs in Garrison Keillor’s Lake Wobegon USA series. The News From Lake Wobegon segments here are from 1990 – 92. Patience features the stories Aunt Ellie, Duke’s 25th, and You’re Not The Only One. The News segments on this CD are interspersed with two musical selections: Will You Love Me When I’m Old? and Melancholy both sung by Garrison Keillor.  It is, of course, very good.

The News From Lake Wobegon stories on this CD are the nice, long stories Keillor used to tell. Aunt Ellie is, in part, about the death of Keillor’s aunt. She was a very strong woman who lived her life as she wished. There are also a few excellent metaphors about life and death and a very funny image about cows / aunts wrestling. Aunt Ellie is one of the best character studies you can ever hear.

The second story on this CD, Duke’s 25th is a somewhat unusual tale for Garrison Keillor. His cousin Duke calls him to mention it has been 25 years since she last … yawned in Technicolor. The Prairie Home Companion host rarely gets so down to earth but he is very much enjoying the experience here. There is also a nice bit about Halloween candy and the priorities kids have in selecting which they will share and which they will not share. Duke’s 25th also includes a very funny Thanksgiving snippet.

You’re Not the Only One, the third story on this Lake Wobegon, U.S.A.: Patience mp3 version, is a very entertaining 25-minute tale even if it more a collection of short bits focused on Lyle Krebsbach, a teacher at the local high school. It includes a very funny poke at what you can watch on TV when you have a satellite dish, and a short humorous bit on boogers.

There is no real rhyme or reason to this story but the whole is very funny.

As for the two musical numbers on this Prairie Home Companion disc, well, Garrison Keillor is known more for his storytelling skills than his singing abilities. Click here for our Garrison Keillor dedicated page

Lake Wobegon USA – Patience
Garrison Keillor
HighBridge Audio 2008
76 minutes

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