Meet Dave ? Blu-ray
Eddie Murphy, Elizabeth Banks, Kevin Hart
Directed by Brian Robbins
20th Century Fox 2008
90 minutes

You never quite know what you are going to get with an Eddie Murphy comedy. Meet Dave is one of the good ones and it is a little bit better on Blu-ray with 1080p and Lossless Audio. Though the movie does look better, I do not think the Meet Dave extra features alone are worth the extra bucks of a Blu-ray version unless you are a real Eddie Murphy fan.

Our review of Meet Dave DVD

In Meet Dave Eddie Murphy plays Dave, a human-sized robot spaceship of Eddie Murphy, and Dave, the captain of the ship.  Captain Dave and its crew are on earth to retrieve a lost artifact. The purpose of the artifact is to suck the water off the earth and to the planet Nil where its people most need the salt content.

Dave the bot must adapt to how New Yorkers do things and this makes for a very enjoyable first half of the movie. Dave’s crew must also adapt and, by doing so, become more human, thus the second half of the movie.

Dave, the bot, befriends a single mother and her son while some of Dave’s crew mutiny.

Meet Dave was created around Eddie Murphy and, unlike recent Murphy comedies, plays to the comic actor’s strength. The movie is also aware of Murphy’s weakness as an actor and manages to use those to comic effect.

In my mind Blu-ray is really about the extra goodies and special features. Meet Dave Blu-ray is not bad in terms of special features though I am not sure I’d pay the extra bucks just for those. The “Crew Profile” is just the graph of a body with spots where you get a pop-up description of a crew member. Yawn. The gag reel, also available on the DVD version, is decent but not overwhelming. Ditto for the alternate ending wich is not much of an alternate and only 1 minute long.

Other special features on the Meet Dave Blu-ray version are 4 deleted scenes that do not do much.  There are 3 Fox Movie Channel clips, one on the movie premiere, one on the making of a Meet Dave scene, and a short where director Brian Robbins is interviewed by three film school students. Yawn. Not on the Blu-ray but on the DVD is Crew Confessions; it is no great loss but why isn’t it there?


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