Bananas – Jeff Allen
Stand-up ComedyCD
Appeeling (sic) Comedy For The Whole Family
Guardian Studios

Why a solid, funny, and always dependable for a good laugh stand-up comic like Jeff Allen would associate himself with this Christian outfit is beyond me. True, the comedy Jeff Allen does on this Bananas comedy CD is very good and it is clean but everything else is a disaster.

There is nothing wrong with clean comedy. There is even a need for clean comics. There is an overabundance of comics who use “questionable language” as a crutch for their lack of talent. But if you are really looking for clean comedy, get yourself some Bill Cosby, Bob Newhart, or try Bob Alper, the funny rabbi. Do yourself a favor and avoid this trash and get a real Jeff Allen CD┬áNot only as a matter of principle that infomercials do not belong on a comedy CD you paid for -and we did- but also because people who are unscrupulous enough to do something like this will continue unless consumers vote with their wallets.

The set Jeff Allen delivers on this infomercial CD is excellent. If the name Jeff Allen is somewhat unfamiliar to you, he is the stand-up comic who coined the expression “Happy wife, happy life.” He has been on Comedy Central a few times and tours regularly. Unfortunately, although the people at Bananas (i.e. Thor Ramsey) think enough of host Thor Ramsey to give him his own opening track – and a waste of listening time this is: a generic comic with banal jokes – and think enough of themselves to plug their other comedy CD s and DVD s on the third track, they do not think enough of Jeff Allen to cut his set into tracks like on a normal comedy CD. There is no way to listen again to your favorite Jeff Allen bit (and there are quite a few very good moments in Jeff Allen?s set) or play a particular track to a friend.

The only good thing about this infomercial CD with comedy thrown in is Jeff Allen.