Lock the Door
Independent release comedy CD

Talent and experience shows. This is true at a comedy club when the comic walks on the stage and after no more than a joke you know you are in for a good time. This is also true on Lock The Door, the Jeff Allen comedy CD  (he’s the guy who coined the line “Happy wife, happy life!”).

Comedian Jeff Allen (and why is this guy not in a sitcom as the star or the star?s best friend or neighbor I?ll never know) knows how to work a joke, a story, a set of characters, and a crowd. Mostly a biographical and observational comic, Allen seamlessly works his way through airplane jokes, which are difficult to make sound fresh but he does, the funniest bit about jogging heard in a while, raising children –including a great line about the reason why God created teenagers, the kind of line you steal to tell your friends at a party–, living as a couple and dealing with your spouse until you are both seniors, old cars, the responsibility you have as a male to check out noises late at night, and menopause.

The segue and the recall are perhaps the two most difficult things for any stand-up to learn and then work without the audience noticing the effort and still getting the laughs. This is something Jeff Allen does brilliantly.

There is no equivalent to Parental Advisory when a comic works totally clean. What sticker should go on Lock The Door? Family Friendly? Clean As A Whistle? Bible Belt Approved? There should be something, for this is the kind of humor and jokes the whole family can laugh at and adults can still relate to more than children.

The only thing we can nitpick about Jeff Allen Lock The Door is some of the material has crossed over from the Bananas CD and Dvd by the same comic so fans might be a bit bummed.

Track List

  1. Frown Face
  2. Dry Heat
  3. 3-Legged Dog (the jogging bit)
  4. No Sarcasm
  5. God’s Revenge
  6. Get ‘Em Ready For Therapy
  7. Spanking Children
  8. A.D.H.D
  9. Brownies
  10. Looking For A Truck
  11. ’67 Bug
  12. ’68 Caddy
  13. Babblin? Mumblin? Couples
  14. Communication
  15. The 3 Year Old
  16. Snot Yo-Yo
  17. Noise Uniform
  18. Menopause