The trick to really enjoying the Jeff Allen stand-up comedy DVD Bananas Act 2 is to choose the extended performance on the menu. This way you get some 45 minutes of uninterrupted, clean, family friendly but adult smart and oriented comedy by the best relationship comic in the business. Jeff Allen closes this performance, as he does many, by testifying to his Christian rebirth: if you are a comedy fan it’s something you watch once because it’s interesting but that’s about it.

Bananas Act 2 is the third Jeff Allen stand-up comedy DVD after Bananas and the absolutely brilliant Happy Life, Happy Wife Revisited. If you are a die-hard long time Allen fan you will recognize a minute or two of previous releases here and there but the majority of the performance on Bananas Act 2 is all new stuff.

Allen does a bit of a shift here. Although a lot of the jokes on Bananas Act 2 are relationship comedy about his wife and his dysfunctional kids, the stand-up comic goes for a lot more biographical and observational humor in this performance. This material is as solid as his usual bread and butter stories about being married to Buttercup and living by the motto Happy wife, happy life.

The advantage of choosing the extended performance on Jeff Allen Bananas Act 2 is it is a longer show. The great advantage of this choice over the TV version is you do not get Thor Ramsey’s opening jokes and the in-show cut outs to Allen and Ramsey talking about stuff or Allen and his Buttercup going shopping. I am a purist and the tendency some producers have of trying to “jazz up” a comedy DVD with assorted garbage like interviews, supposedly funny gags and sketches and day-in-the-life stuff really irritates me. The extended performance is all stand-up comedian all the time; a complete show with no silly interruptions.

Jeff Allen Bananas Act 2 is great fun to watch if you make the right choices in life. Another right choice would be to get the 2 DVD set of the Bananas releases.

Just to be difficult: Jeff, stop playing with your *&^% pockets!!!

Bananas Act 2
Jeff Allen
Stand-up Comedy DVD
Guardian 2007
60 minutes plus extras

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