We are not usually fans of the funny song CD. Too many times such a comedy CD has a fun song or two and the rest feels like filler.

Another problem is that often the songs are basically in-jokes between the songwriter and his or her pals. Let’s not go into the musical talent itself. Lots of Moxcey, an independent release CD by Maine singer songwriter Jeff Moxcey is the exception that proves the rules.

Of the eleven songs on this funny CD, ten are very good, one is so-so. What makes Lots of Moxcey work is that it is uniform in sound and in lyrical quality. There are all humorous country and western tunes with good music, funny lyrics, a singer who can sing well, a good backup band and vocalist, and great sound.

There used to be, and may still be a contest somewhere where you have to make up the title of a country and western song that is both funny and would actually be a song. Jeff Moxcey should find that contest and enter it as he has a sure winner with a tune called She Gave Me The Finger (So I Gave Her The Ring). That it is also a very good song is a plus.

Many of the tunes on this independent release comedy CD are your basic country relationship song. Red Flags, She Ain’t Fat She’s Just Big Boned, Checkout Girl, My Baby is Built Like a Brick Outhouse. There are the kind of songs people will definitely want to listen to if they have a pickup truck, like redneck jokes, and like guns. lots of guns.

The Kitty Box Song is very much like one of those children’s songs except the lyrics are definitely adult oriented material. It’s a shame really because it would probably become a hit in the kiddie field if it was cleaned up: a catchy tune and lyrics that are easy to remember.

The only low spot on this cd is Brain of a Dog. It is just plain old sexist and the humor is not strong enough to carry this tune past that impression. So Jeff Moxcey is not perfect and that is why Skidder is one of those tunes that make us weary of the genre in general as it is basically an inside joke about a guy in Maine.

Perhaps the funniest song here is Who Gets To Throw The Garter (At A Gay Wedding) as heard on the Bob and Tom show and Dr. Demento. Again, the music is very good, the lyrics funny, and the question is asked in such a harmless and humor filled fashion you just got to enjoy it.

Lots of Moxcey
Jeff Moxcey
stand-up comedy CD
Independent Release

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