Kacey Jones (RIP) Big-Ass Box of Music has got to be the absolutely weirdest and coolest funny song comedy CD I have ever heard.

To be honest, I am not a big fan of funny song comedy. Too often, you get one funny song and a whole lot of very ordinary songs that are at best humorous or just bland kiddie songs with adult material lyrics. This CD got to me, big time. Because of my personal likes and dislikes, I think it is kind of unfair to label Big-Ass Box of Music by Kacey Jones a comedy CD or a funny song CD. The best I can come up with is it is a very eclectic and highly talented collection of very good songs with funny lyrics.

There is a lot to like on Big-Ass Box of Music because there is a lot on it. 19 tracks plus two bonus tracks is one way of making sure your fans get their money’s worth. Having the talent to cover just about every musical genre and use funny lyrics while you are at it is another. Well-behaved Women Rarely Make History and How Do You Like These Babies Now? Are the first two songs on this cd by Kacey Jones and both are, according to me, 40’s style big band jazz. Track three, Lolling In The Tub is the only real kiddie-song like track on this independent release comedy CD but it is very enjoyable and not bland at all. There are also rocking tracks like How Far Can We Go Crazy? And Women Are The Rhythm Of The World. Fans of country western will definitely enjoy I Could Get Over Him (If I Could Get Under You) –how’s that for your typical weird country western song title?, I Wanna Be A Sweet Potato Queen and the very c/w ballad Give Me The Chance.

Listening to Big-Ass Comedy Box is also a very weird experience because although she does not imitate them, Kacey Jones can certainly do songs like Bette Midler, Rickie Lee Jones, and K.D. Lang do. It is a little disturbing but quite enjoyable. There are only two really purely comedy songs on this cd: Never Wear Panties to a Party and Never Give ‘Em Any. These are not novelty songs at all and are just as good but much more obviously meant to be funny than the other tracks on this CD.

The humor in the songs on Big-Ass Comedy Box is subtle and all in the lyrics. Many of these songs sound like a straightforward version of a ballad or electric blues or whatever else musical style struck Kacey Jones’ fancy and it is only if you listen carefully that you get the funny song part of these tracks.

What I like most about Kacey Jones’ CD is it bears listening to over again. I doubt you can get tired of it because there is a lot to the songs aside from the funny content. I even think Big-Ass Box of Music has reconciled me with the genre, a very hard thing to do.

Big-Ass Box Of Music
Kacey Jones
Musical comedy CD
Independent Release
IGO Records
Mature Subject Matter

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