Good Seats Still Available, the independent comedy CD release by stand-up comedian Paul C. Morrissey is a rarity in that the very cold audiences present during the three different recording sessions did not deserve such a good comic.

You have to either admire or question Morrissey’s decision to put out these tracks nonetheless as a listener, as any patron in a comedy club, will be influenced by the reactions he or she hears. Audience aside, however, this is a very good indie compact disc.

Paul C Morrissey specializes in observational humor with a bit of the biographical joke or two thrown in. He is very good at what he does and has a very good control over the difficult art of the recall. His strength is that although what he talks about is standard humour fodder, what he does with it and, especially, where he goes with it is different and original. When an experienced comedy fan is repeatedly surprised by the payoff or where the jokes land, you know you are listening to an original comedic talent. His bit about owning a Neon, as in his bit about owning a piece of junk car, may not have an original premise but he definitely makes it original and worth a few laughs.

Not that this funny CD is perfect. The infomercial like intro and outro tracks, although understandable, most certainly annoy. This stand-up comedy CD was recorded on three different nights and at three different venues in New York State so the tonality of the sound varies a bit. Still, the sound quality is excellent and the standup comic is very good so these minor flaws can be easily forgiven.

Another original feature on this CD is the liner. In addition to the usual thank yous, Paul C Morrissey also lists the people who have made his life miserable and mentions why. Considering, as he writes, this guy has a microphone, they are not to be envied as Morrissey will continue to grow as a comic.


Good Seats Still Available
Paul C Morrissey
Stand-up comedy CD
Independent Release

Track list:
Beer, Crack, Strippers
Neon, Spencers, Glacier
Stones & Sports
Cinemax & TV Shows
Perfect Woman & Dr’s
License Plate, Bad Gift
Tattoo, Rejection, Reunion


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