Jim Gaffigan is on top if his game with Obsessed (2014). Available from Comedy Central as a blu-ray or DVD, Obsessed also work very well as a stand-up comedy CD or MP3.

Those familiar with this stand-up will  be on familiar ground with his material about food and family life presented in general audience friendly language. If you are not familiar with Gaffigan, Obsessed is a very good place to start.

Food is central to this comedy album. In one way or another the topic makes up two thirds of the show. Jim Gaffigan is smart enough to sprinkle other ideas here and there within this topic to keep things from going stale. My favorite is explanation as to why the old masters always chose bowls of fruit to paint still lifes.

The second third of Obsessed features a bit on public restrooms, family life, a two and a half minute bit on cancer that is nothing but superb in its perception of how people react to that word, and a fun bit on Mt. Rushmore.

This is very entertaining stand-up.

Jim Gaffigan
Stand-up Comedy
Comedy Central Records 2014

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Jim Gaffigan – King Baby

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