My reviews of the first two Christian Finnegan CDs, Two For Flinching and Au Contraire!, clearly stated the impression Finnegan was good but did not push himself or his talent as far as they could go. This is certainly not the case in his 2014 stand-up comedy MP3 album The Fun Part. Here Finnegan delivers both in terms of material and in terms of structure and set-up. The Fun Part is highly recommended.

Although the whole album is solid, there are a couple of routines that stand out. The routine where Finnegan talks about his son is very cleverly introduced and I really enjoyed how he messes with the audience throughout the piece.  I also really like his political material; the parallel between Michael Jordan and the state of the U.S is quite original.

The comic also has a fun and original bit on being a late bloomer when it comes to weed.  The Fun Part closes with a couple of funny throwaway pieces on a grade school teacher and balls and vaginas.

This comedy album is good even after repeated listenings.

The Fun Part
Christian Finnegan
Stand-up Comedy MP3 Album
Comedy Dynamics 2014 60 minutes

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