Jim Breuer makes the odd choice of opening his Comedy Central Special and stand-up comedy DVD Let’s Clear the Air with a couple of routines where he talks about and imitates Dave Chapelle:

this takes a bit of the viewer’s attention away from him and what you remember is Chapelle more than Breuer. Breuer then goes for the kind of biographical material his fans know him for. Let’s Clear the Air is pretty decent comedy at first and an excellent DVD past the halfway point.

Breuer’s second bit is a story about filming the movie Half-Baked. The routine is far superior and funnier than the movie. The next routine is on the trappings of success is the weak moment on this DVD though it features a funny bit about meeting celebrities. This allows the comic to do some imitations of Tracey Morgan, Norm MacDonald, and Sly Stallone.

There is a structure of sorts behind Let’s Clear the Air. Pictures of Breuer and his family serve as markers into a new routine.

Breuer is at his best about halfway through this stand-up comedy DVD and on in bits about being home alone with his kids, raising them, heavy metal kids’ music, and so on. This is where the comic uses all of his many talents to tell very funny story. Especially good is the bit on the importance of letting the missus sleep and the games we played when we were kids and the way kids play now.

Once again: whoever at Comedy Central decided a pre-show supposedly funny movie was a good idea should be locked in a room and forced to watch them over and over again.

Special features on this Jim Breuer stand-up comedy DVD are of little interest.

Let’s Clear the Air
Jim Breuer
Stand-up Comedy DVD
Comedy Central Records 2009
65 minutes plus extras

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