Jim Norton’s 2016 stand-up comedy CD or DVD Contextually Inadequate is an excellent album through and through.

Norton has always been a very funny dirty comic but here he is, as he would appreciate me saying, top of the tops.

Those who have been following Jim Norton for a while will notice how much this comic has evolved. He is way past the self-deprecating material that was the base on which he rested his more controversial jokes. Now, he uses much more interesting and accurate social commentary and is much better at gradually getting to the the meaner, nastier bits. This logical progression make the really “dirty” material about strap-ons, dick pics, and porn funnier.

Contextually Inadequate opens with a bit on Cosby and segues to his comments on the death of Robin Williams and Joan Rivers. Those who dismiss Norton and his audience should notice everybody gets the Marlon Brando / Island of Dr. Moreau.

Norton’s social commentary is also very smart and funny. His take on how quickly people jump on the stoning bandwagon when a celebrity tweets or says something inappropriate to the hypocrisy of being surprised by Paula Deen saying something racist or at Duck Hunter Phil Robertson being against gay marriage is on point.

These observations are a smart set-up for his take on  how we accept the invasion of privacy of people like Donald Stirling  for our entertainment. Of course, Norton cannot but take a few nasty jabs at the man. This also sets up a solid and very smart bit on how unprepared we all were / are for what you can do with the technology we are drowning in.

Jim Norton Contextually Inadequate includes a 9-minute bonus track. It’s also good stuff.

Contextually Inadequate
Jim Norton
Comedy download, CD,  or DVD
BSeen Media 2016

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