Right off the bat with his first stand-up comedy CD and the first track on Yellow Discipline Jim Norton shows he can find the dark side of the sun.

Jim Norton can also easily find fault with himself to balance out his caustic take on the world. This is a brilliant, dark, sometimes but not very often over the top stand-up comic and a comedy CD an adult and aware audience will appreciate and enjoy.

What makes Jim Norton and Yellow Discipline stand out from the crowd of edgy, dark comics is though Norton works blue it is not the language that makes his comedy edgy but his ability to take his material and his punchlines to their darkest, nastiest possible conclusion. The fact there is no untouchable topic or celebrity for Jim Norton really adds to his comedy. My favorite track on this stand-up comedy CD is Boca Raton where Norton speculates on what would happen if you put Katharine Hepburn, Muhammad Ali, and Michael J. Fox in the same room: whole lot of shakin’ going on -my joke inspired by Norton’s routine.

I appreciate stand-up comedians who can get every laugh out of a premise without milking it. Norton is excellent at doing that. He can also take your usual comedy target like Michael Jackson and find new and nastier jokes on the topic.

Norton also words the thoughts few of us utter in polite society: fat people bitching about paying for two seats on airplanes, sexual preferences, and what men like about a woman’s anatomy. I am not convinced at all about the pick up technique he suggests at the beginning of Adorable Observations About The Mentally Challenged, a track which ends with a neat attack on the hypocrisy of the politically correct.

As a matter of personal taste, I could have done without the two fake commercial tracks at the end of Jim Norton’s Yellow Discipline. Never liked em, never will.

Jim Norton is a comic you will certainly enjoy if you are an open minded adult audience who can appreciate the absurd limits to which this stand-up comic can take his material. Personally, I really enjoy Jim Norton.

Yellow Discipline
Jim Norton
Independent Release
Comedy CD
59 minutes

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