Larry the Cable Guy Christmastime in Larryland will probably please the redneck comic’s many fans who will find this sketch comedy CD under the tree next to the NASCAR underwear, the Jeff Gordon comerative plate, and a box of .22 shells. This CD really is a matter of taste.

Blue Collar Comedy member Larry the Cable Guy is to comedy what wine-in-a-box is to fine wine. That said, he often does lowbrow comedy very well and Larry The Cable Guy Christmastime in Larryland CD is one of those times. If you are not expecting witty, intellectual stuff -one of the tracks on this CD is appropriately titled Farting Jingle Bells-Christmastime in Larryland is pretty good stupid Christmas comedy.

The concept behind Larry the Cable Guy Christmastime in Larryland CD, a studio effort, is recreating, as Larry says “an old time Christmas special radio show” with comedy sketches and fake funny commercials. Different folks will enjoy different tracks and find other bits groaners. The track I am still unsure of is the Tobacco Company Choir: it is darkly original yet so wrong at the same time. Simply absurd is Magic O’ the Mime which is a mime doing his act on the “radio” and CD.

There is a hit and miss quality to this sketch comedy CD but what is a hit and a miss will depend on the audience. True rebel flag deep south fried cousin marryin’ Larry the Cable Guy fans will probably enjoy the whole thing. Less less discerning fans will wonder a bit about tracks like Comedian Muhammad & Oscar, a very short bit that might have sounded good on paper and should have stayed there. Larry’s jokes on fruitcakes is certainly not original.

Respecting the “old timey” radio show, there is a laugh track to this studio recorded comedy CD by Larry The Cable Guy. This takes a little getting used to at first. Fans of Blue Collar TV will recognize the tracks Patriotic Poem and Liberal Commie Environmental Poem as both are Twas the Night Before Christmas version of the PC tales sketch on that show: yes, two tracks with the same joke premise. You also get to hear Larry sing on Holiday Carols.

Christmastime In Larryland
Larry the Cable Guy
Sketch Comedy CD
Warner Brothers Nashville / Jack Records 2007
54 minutes

Larry the Cable Guy Chrismastime in Larryland track list:

Introduction and Opening Monologue



Tobacco Company Choir

Plus-Sized Fashion Shorts

Nativity Scene

Farting Jingle Bells

Bobblehead Heating Dolls

Comedian Muhammad & Oscar

Holiday Carols

A Santa’s Q & A


Dysfunctional Family Christmas

Liberal Commie Environmental Poem

Magic O’ The Mime


The Chitmunks

Patriotic Poem

Medley of Carols

Closing Monologue

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