Stand-up comic Lisa Lampanelli calls herself the queen of mean and her stand-up comedy CD Take It Like A Man proves not only she puts her money where her mouth is but her mouth has been pretty much everywhere.

Take It Like A Man is the rawest, most potentially offensive comedy CD I have heard in a while. Unlike many such CDs however, it is also constantly funny, always shocking, and, somehow, Lisa Lampanelli does not come across as being an angry comic.

Self-describe as a fat white bitch from Connecticut and often talking about her Black boyfriend Stedman (he is black and makes less money than her), Lisa Lampanelli swears a blue streak and insults all ethnic group equally. She calls Latinos spics and quotes her parents, “Once you go Hispanic, mom and dad start to panic.” or “Once you go ‘rican, a job you’ll be seeking.” Blacks, faggots, wops, hebes, foreigner taxi drivers who stink, her inability to get good looking white men and ability to get good looking Black men, women, Hispanic women, black women are a target for this crude and rude stand-up comic.

What allows Lisa Lampanelli to get away with the filthiest and most racist jokes is that it is clear not only she is not serious but believes that pushing the envelope is somehow good for all of us. The fact she is as tough on herself as she is on the crowd also definitely helps. Pillow Talk (Once you go Black you’re gonna use your crack) is a really funny comedy bit on the mating habits of people of various color, sex with people in wheelchairs (meals on wheels), and penis sizes. You would think jokes about Hispanics being lazy, Black being thieves, cons, and hung, Jews being unendowed would be abrasive but Lisa Lampanelli gets away with it.

Lisa Lampanelli Take It Like A Man is most certainly not comedy for the whole family or those who are particularly sensitive. If, on the other hand you like dirty jokes by stand-up comics who go way beyond good taste, this stand-up comedy CD is definitely for you.

Lisa Lampanelli
Take It Like A Man
Stand-up Comedy CD
Warner Brothers Nashville 2005
41 minutes

Track list:

Hector, My Parents, & Soccer Moms
The Train To Brown Town
White Devils & Hispanic Women
Pillow Talk
Men Are Good & Women Are Beautiful
It’s Funny Because It’s True
My Mother,My Man, & Children
I Have A Dream
Kobe & Cable


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