Mitch Fatel (pronounced Faytel) gets away with about 40 minutes of sex jokes on Super Retardo, his second stand-up comedy CD.

Mitch Fatel, a regular on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno, is that nebbish looking and sounding stand-up comic who is not afraid to say “I’m very funny!”

You would think a CD with nothing but sexually oriented jokes would be tiring but Fatel has developed an endearing stage persona that makes his very funny and very raunchy material quite acceptable. Super Retardo is simply kick ass, hilarious stand-up comedy and definitely a disc you keep around to listen to from time to time.

What is even more amazing about stand-up comic Mitch Fatel is that he can pick on a female member of the audience and nobody seems to get offended, not even her boyfriend, even when he asks her about her favorite sexual position -she doesn’t answer.

In any other comic’s hands, Fatel’s sex jokes would be offensive but since he comes across as your geeky, innocent younger brother who is not quite aware of the facts of life but is trying really hard to find out about them, he manages to get away with stuff like asking if the girl wants his secret ingredient on her face.

If you can think of a topic for a sex joke, Mitch Fatel has a bit about it on Super Retardo. From bad lays, internet sex, gay porn, lesbian porn, and any other kind of porn, to bras, breasts, and panties, Fatel does a couple of minutes on it.

There are also a few relationship jokes thrown in such as why it is better when it is the girl who breaks up and why women have so many shoes (it’s for the boxes and ask Fatel what they do with those).

The CD also features a 25 some minute interview of Mitch Fatel with Sonny Fox of XM Comedy. Decent stuff but you’ll not be interested in listening twice to this track.

Super Retardo by Mitch Fatel is a very solid stand-up comedy CD with great sound. The packaging is also a cut above the usual and includes an insert comic book illustrated by Dean Haspiel.

Mitch Fatel
Super Retardo
Stand-up comedy CD
Appx 40 minutes + 25 minute interview
Parental Advisory


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