A Best Of Lisa Lampanelli comedy MP3 album or CD does not really work.

Not that Lampanelli is not an excellent insult comic, she most certainly is, but her stand-up comedy works as an entire show. Here you get a series of clips with no continuity. Granted, that is what a greatest hits comedy CD is but in this case the lack of continuity the connecting thread a single show provides is obvious. Equal Opportunity Offender: The Best of Lisa Lampanelli works as an introduction to the comic’s insult style of of stand-up but not really more than that.

Lampanelli opens her shows by insulting members of the audience in the front row. Those clips really do not work in audio as you need to see the audience member in question and his reaction to really get why jokes bordering on racism actually are not.

The better tracks are those where Lisa Lapanelli directs her caustic barbs at herself or relationships. The best is the bit about deaf people picketing her show in Rochester N.Y.

This Lisa Lampanelli compilation comedy CD ends with the superb Roast of Worthless Americans: the people from Jersey Shore, Real Housewives of New Jersey (such a disaster they are thinking of building a mosque near them), Lindsay Lohan (Ted Kennedy was better behind the wheel), Tiger Woods, Kate Gosselin “even Britney Spears calls her a bad mom”, and Jennifer Aniston whose “last movie was such a bomb an Arab tried to smuggle it on a plane“.

Equal Opportunity Offender The Best Of
Lisa Lampanelli
Comedy MP3 and CD
Jack Records Warner Brothers 2012

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