Selections from All Directions
Lorne Elliott

Independent Release

Lorne Elliott is the genial, quirky, and very funny stand-up comic who hosted CBC’s Madly Off In All Directions, a half-hour show that usually featured a funny story and a few funny jokes by Lorne Elliott and a guest comedian or two. Those who like musical comedy will particularly like Madly Off In All Directions and Selections From All Directions, the funny independent comedy CD, as Elliott has a penchant for comics who sing funny songs and he himself is not afraid to do one from time to time. Those who do not like musical comedy can take heart in the fact there are usually more stand-up comics as guests than comics who do funny songs. Selections From All Directions, Lorne Elliott’s third funny CD contains the best of his material from a couple of seasons ago (he took a year off to write a comic play).

Selections From All Directions has something for everybody. I particularly like long funny stories and Lorne Elliott has quite a few on this very funny CD. A particular favorite is Splitting Wood, about trying to get rid of a tree trunk in his backyard. If everything can go wrong in a project, you know Lorne Elliott is the guy who tackled it. This Canadian funny guy also takes on Hamlet in A Better Play Than Hamlet; not only is it better, you can actually understand it.

One of the highlights of Madly Off In All Directions, the radio show, is Lorne Elliott’s amazing talent to get an audience to eat out of the palm of his hand. A perfect example of that is the opening track, a funny song, called Morris the Moose. Selections From All Directions has 12 very funny and entertaining tracks. Lorne even does a ditty on the ukulele. This is a high quality CD of professionally recorded live material. A must for any fan of Canadian comedy and a must for any fan of funny stories and funny songs.


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