My Dirty Little Secret
Jimmy The Pervert
Independent Release
Inside Sounds

If the artist’s name is Jimmy the Pervert and the title of his comedy songs CD is My Dirty Little Secret you can expect a bunch of silly tunes about off-color topics or is it off-color tunes about silly topics? The real question is are these funny songs any good and is Jimmy the Pervert an actual musician or just a guy who strums a guitar and thinks he can sing. Yes, yes, and no.

This ain’t highbrow stuff. Just the track list tells you that: I Thought I Pooted, Love Herpes, and How Can You Say Go With Come In Your Mouth? are just two of the dirty ditties on this seventeen track funny song comedy CD. What you do not know until you listen to My Dirty Little Secret by Jimmy the Pervert is this guy is pretty good and pretty funny if a little uneven. This last comment has something to do with the fact the Pervert accompanies himself on the guitar and it would have made for more variety if he had a piano player and a couple of other instruments in there. This is especially true of Head to the Dead which would benefit from a heavy metal backup band.

The impression you get listening to Jimmy the Pervert My Dirty Little Secret is a talented professional musician kind of guy entertaining another bunch of guys around the campfire with the certainty wives and girlfriends are far far away and everyone will respect the blood oath not to repeat these dirty songs to them or even mention the concept of song.

There is no doubt the Pervert can turn a neat dirty phrase: “You sucked on my love plug, that’s how I got the love bug.” He is able to do this in most of the dirty songs on this CD and most of the music he plays to accompany himself on the git-ar is quite good. I was less impressed with tracks like Ooh, What Is It? (if you have to ask, well, shit, you are just not getting what this CD is all about),Uncle Ace, and Ooh, She Pooted which sounds more like a blooper than a finished song.

Listening to this CD you will occasionally hear a certain Elvis quality to this guy’s voice. This is a bit weird considering the material but adds to it at the same time. There is no doubt Jimmy the Pervert My Dirty Little Secret is for a certain type of audience and I am not a charter member of that audience. If you do like dirty songs and you are looking for something a cut above the usual stuff, this funny song comedy CD is probably a good bet. To make sure, you can listen to a couple of tracks when you go to the Inside Sounds website (click the pic).


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