Collected Mistakes 2
Lorne Elliott

Independent Release

If you ever listened to Madly Off In All Directions on CBC radio, you are familiar with Lorne Elliott, a very funny comedian, funny song writer, and host of the show. The Collected Mistakes II is some of Lorne Elliott’s independent release comedy CD of his funniest stories and songs. Granddad Played opens The Collected Mistakes II and is a funny song about granddad playing a musical instrument and grandma’s revenge. Other funny songs on this comedy CD are A New National Anthem and The Bear Song.

Not being a big fan of musical comedy or funny songs and although the songs on this cd are funny, I appreciate more the many funny stories and funny jokes Lorne Elliott has on this 17-track comedy cd. Field Trip to the Arctic is a favorite and is about a young man going to the arctic to drill holes in the ice (it’s a government project). This is a very Canadian comedy┬áCD so you get funny stories like Portage and Main, Rubber Boots, and Politics and Language. Fear not, however, you don’t have to be Canadian to appreciate Lorne Elliott’s humor. Attila the Hun, another funny song, Winter, the Environment, and March of the Lawn Art Lovers, are funny stories and songs anyone anywhere can appreciate.

The Collected Mistakes II is Lorne Elliott’s first cd (he had a tape before that and has yet to re-release it as a CD, he should because I want it). He is also responsible for two other funny comedy cds that also include funny songs and funny stories: More Lorne Elliott Than You Probably Need In Your Life and Selections From All Directions. This comedy┬áCD, like the other ones, has great production values both in terms of sound and packaging. This is not some homemade CD with a sticker on it but a real comedy CD by a very funny comedian.


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