If you believe in reincarnation, sixties comic Godfrey Cambridge is alive and well as Saleem. Don’t get me wrong, Saleem is the real goods but I just cannot help but hear the former in the latter. There is in his voice, his take on things, and some of his expressions a definite Cambridge presence. How Dare You, an independent release stand-up comedy MP3 album is Saleem’s first release and it is superb. It is highly recommended to anyone who likes quality stand-up. It is even part of our top 10 comedy for 2012

Saleem opens by telling his audience he is funny. Dam right.  He follows by some one-liners, one dating back to the Borscht Belt. This is just one of the many aspects of this comic. He then does a great set-up for the next great American savior, Matthew McConaughey.

His Obama material which mostly comprises  the first half of this stand-up comedy MP3  is quite different from most as it is rather critical of the President. Not that Saleem is a political comic per se and there is a lot more to this section than just politics.

Saleem also does something you do not hear much anymore: race material. We are not talking about white folk / black folk stuff but socially aware observational jokes.

How Dare You closes with more and relatively lightweight bits on gay issues before closing with an elegant set-up for a solid callback.  The show closes with a bit of audience interaction. There is also an eleven-minute bonus track that gets interesting after the thank yous.

How Dare You
Stand-up comedy MP3 album
Uprighteous Records 2012


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