If the sheriff from Fargo did stand-up comedy you would get Sparkly Parts by Amber Preston don’t you know. Preston is an autobiographical comic whose material, personality and delivery style make her material a hoot to listen to.

Aside from a bit on helvetica, there is nothing particularly groundbreaking on Sparkly Parts. Bits about gay marriage, growing up, your parents being out of touch with things, the strange jobs one has when starting out are all standard fare. What makes it work is what Preston does with it. For example, the gay marriage bit includes a plot for stealing a lemon bar recipe and what happens when you become a theatre major and date guys in the boy’s choir in college.

Sparkly Parts refers to “pleasure Petting” a journey of self discovery Amber Preston embarked on while watching Trainspotting. You will never watch news about a flood without thinking of Preston.

Also excellent on this stand-up comedy download album is Prairie Cheesus, a very funny routine about working in a vegan restaurant in, of course, California.

There are no weak moments in Amber Preston’s show. It is a lot of fun to listen to.

Sparkly Parts
Amber Preston
Stand-up comedy download
Stand Up! Records 2020


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