It is impossible not to enjoy Tommy Ryman and Having The Time Of My Life, his 2018 stand-up comedy CD or MP3 album.

Ryman is immediately likeable and his material easy to relate to. His laid-back self-deprecating style makes for clean comedy that is easy to listen to time and time again. Amazon comedy download: Having the Time of My Life [Clean]

Ryman opens by establishing a rapport with his audience with a bit of crowd work over breaking a bone. This opening makes his audience comfortable and sets up him as a nice guy who is quick on his feet.

This is a very autobiographical comic. Tommy Ryman talks about things like reaching the semi-finals in Last Comic Standing and why that was the best he expected, his formative years as a clarinet player, the awkwardness of his first kiss, or his twelve years at Barnes and Noble.

One of this stand-up comic‘s many strengths is very tight material. Nothing is wasted and no bit lasts too long for the sake of a few more cheaper laughs. This is most obvious in the pet segment of this comedy CD or the connected bits having to do with not being very good at fixing things, or his marriage and honeymoon.

Having the Time of my Life closes with sound advice on whether to go new or used on a pet rat and great callbacks to the entire set.

If you are in the mood for a solid, easy to listen to, and funny throughout comedy download this comedy album is it.

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Having The Time Of My Life
Tommy Ryman
Stand-up download orĀ  CD
Stand Up! Records 2018


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