Gay Jokes For Straight Cruisers is an absolute blast of a stand-up comedy download.

Jim David has a lot of fun with a very willing audience aboard some cruise ship and the listener benefits from that evening. If you thought cruise ship stand-up comedy was nice, vanilla material think again.

Comic David opens with a bit on, literally, “we are all on the same boat” as in having a cruise during the pandemic. This gets everyone on side if they weren’t already. You get to hear about life on cruise ships such as the fat lady who runs into everybody on her motorized scooter, whether the staff has a sex life, and who has the worst job on the ship. The funniest bit has to be “complaints from customers” such as “the weather was nicer on Princess”.

Jim David is not afraid to do some topical material such as Trump, Megan and Harry, and will the queen ever retire. He even mildly goes after someone wearing an American flag shirt.

Less successful is the “where are you from” bit where David’s comeback is limited to having done some shows there.

The listening experience for Jim David Gay Jokes For Straight Cruisers is a little different. The audience feels freer to talk back and interrupt and David takes it in stride and even indulges it a bit.

Turn on the water somewhere or listen to a sea shell, put on this stand-up comedy download and escape with an evening in a cruise ship stand-up comedy club.

Gay Jokes For Straight Cruisers
Jim David
Stand-up comedy download
Stand Up! Records 2021

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