Tom Rhodes fans will enjoy Colossus of Me, his double stand-up comedy mp3 album.

They should: some of the material is already available on Live in Paris and Hot Sweet Ass. This said, at just under two hours Colossus of Me is overall a very good bang for your comedy buck. It is just a better bang if you do not have the two previous CDs.

Colussus features two shows. One taped in Australia and one in the United States. Comics sometimes release double albums where the two audiences or shows are radically different. This is not the case here. However, both shows are solid.

What is less interesting here is Rhodes raises his voice higher than usual in his delivery. It gets  irritating after a while. Also, some of the material is dated. The old “my (insert relative) thought LOL meant lots of love” has been around so long it is common comedy property. In fact I just listened to a Dave Williamson CD with the same joke on it.

Tom Rhodes Colossus of Me is not a colossal comedy mp3 album.

Colossus of Me
Tom Rhodes
Stand-up comedy album
INdependent Release 2012

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