Unless there are two stand-up comics named Tom Rhodes I can’t really figure this comedian out. There is the erudite, world traveler, beat style comic of Live in Paris and the much more down to earth almost skater dude comedian of this release.Both the worldly and club comic versions of Tom Rhodes are funny, it’s the contrast that is quite baffling.

Hot Sweet Ass opens with a bit on growing up in Florida and the weather. Standard fare that Rhodes makes funny. Stronger is his biting, very interesting, and very funny routine on the Power Of Love. His contrast with what you see on National Geographic and the Discovery Channel really makes this bit original.

Like many of the comics on the Stand Up! Records label, Rhodes has a dark streak that makes his comedy that much more interesting. His delivery on Hot Sweet Ass will sometimes remind some of Mitch Hedberg’s Strategic Grill Locations but let’s be clear Rhodes is not an imitator, an impersonator, nor the same kind of comic. It’s just his patter that sometimes echoes Hedberg.

Rhodes is able to surprise, and does this quite often on this comedy CD. His bit on Mexican music goes to a very unusual place for its laugh, Cowboys And Cadillacs features a really good bit on what happens at rodeos.

Rhodes hosted a travel show for Dutch TV so he does some fun material out of this experience. His material on China and its secrets, koalas, is also lots of fun. His Columbine material did make me feel uncomfortable though: creepy subject and not really sharp enough to get rid of that discomfort.

Also fun and original on this stand-up comedy CD is the New Orleans Voodoo Shop routine and the one on the gay Olympics in Amsterdam and gay pride day.

Most bizarre is that this stand-up comedy CD, recorded in Houston, Texas is a lot bluer than the Live In Paris release. This is something else I still do not quite get. Yes, we are talking of very different audiences and Tom Rhodes is much more laid back a comic on this CD, but it is still an interesting difference.

Tom Rhodes is a solid comic. Click here to check out our Stand Up! Records page for more comedy downloads

Tom Rhodes
Hot Sweet Ass
Stand-Up Comedy CD
Stand up! Records 2005
59 minutes

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