In 2012 Tom Segura self-released the hilarious stand-up comedy album, White Girls With Cornrows.

My review can be found here. Now, only a little over a year later, Segura is back with a new hour-long special called Completely Normal, available from New Wave Dynamics as an MP3 download (also available for streaming in video format from Netflix).

There are some comics that you like or dislike for very specific reasons.  Maybe you like Demetri Martin because you love his long list of one-liners.  Maybe you like Anthony Jeselnik because you love his shock value and clever use of misdirection.  For some reason, I cannot articulate a specific reason that I absolutely love Segura’s stand-up.  Perhaps it’s his personality.  Perhaps his timing.  Perhaps his overall delivery style.  Perhaps his finely tuned material, or the topics he chooses to discuss.  Perhaps a combination of all of those things.  Or, perhaps something else entirely.  The only thing I know for sure is that Segura can barely utter three words before I’m laughing hysterically.  He doesn’t even need to get to the punchlines half the time, as his setups are equally brilliant.

For those familiar with Segura, his style remains the same.  Calm, confident and heavy on sarcasm.  This time around Segura has bits about people’s sense of entitlement (a great bit about how when you’re lucky enough to be upgraded from coach to first class with an airline, you immediately feel “better” than the scum sitting back in coach), the fact that actor (well, defined loosely) Steven Seagal is a real law enforcement officer in Louisiana, and a great long-form bit about his crazy, insulting doctor.  Just to mix it up, Segura also throws in a few short bits as well.

For my money, Segura is one of the best comics working today.

I mentioned Segura’s podcast on my review of his last album, but it bears repeating.  For those interested, Segura is also the co-host of a hilarious podcast called Your Mom’s House, that he hosts with his wife, comic Christina Pazsitzky.

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