Two First Names is an enjoyable stand-up comedy album, download or CD by Tracey Ashley.

The material is autobiographical and just somewhat explicit with the occasional swear and adult word. Ashley does not reinvent anything but she is very likeable and this makes her stories enjoyable and funny.

The heart of this set is the comedian being in a mixed race relationship. This is where she gets just a little biting with her story about meeting her husband’s work colleagues for the first time. Otherwise, the CD is observational material. The bit about using the word titties to get out of trouble is really funny.

Tracey Ashley is excellent at making some of her more serious points sound as innocuous as her lightweight material, making her ideas that much stronger.

This is a good release but I get the sneaking suspicion Ashley is pulling some of her punches. I’d like to see her go all out next time.

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Two First Names
Tracey Ashley
Stand-up Comedy download and CD
Stand Up! Records 2013


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