DAMN! This guy is goooood! There is not a single bad moment on First of All, the first comedy download album by Black comic Clark Jones.

Clark Jones is an immediately likeable comedian whose biographical material is, for me, off the beaten track. Being Catholic, I know about passing the plate but I was not aware of the Baptist church approach to offering.

He is also a very smart stand-up. I really enjoyed his take on the history of races and religions and, most of all, why the U.S. Alternates between Democrats and Republicans.

Other topics include being raised by a single mom who taught him to use his right hand because he was a lefty like his father. His story about his grandmother is too short for my taste but I was as surprised as the stand-up at aspect of her life what the audience reacts to.

Also interesting is Clark Jones talking about his experience going to a Black college and the many imaginary girlfriends that freshman there date. I would have placed the story about his losing his virginity to the former artist known as Prince after this bit but it also works later on in this comedy download album. I was not aware however you had to be ready with a soundtrack tape for that big moment.

Jones has a good chunk of relationship material including the war between his single and married friends to get him on side. It too is good stuff

Other topics include the police, jazz, being broke, an idiot nephew life of crime involving air-conditioners, Chicago as a segregated city aside from sports, and being a high school guidance counsellor.

First of All by Clark Jones is highly recommended.

First of All
Clark Jones
Stand-up comedy download album
Comedy Dynamics 2018

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