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Together Again
Icons of Screwball Comedy Volume 2
Irene Dunne, Charles Boyer, Mona Freeman
Directed by Charles Victor
Originally released Columbia 1944 B&W
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment 2009
91 minutes

One of four comedies on volume 2 of the Icons of Screwballs of Comedy DVD set, Together Again is a pleasant, lightweight movie that has survived the last sixty or so years pretty decently. The other comic films included on the two DVD Icons of Screwball Comedy Volume 2 set are Theodora Goes Wild starring Irene Dunne, and The Doctor Takes A Wife and A Night to Remember with Loretta Young.

Together Again is the story of Anne Crandall (Irene Dunne), the woman mayor of a small Vermont town and stepmother to a rather prone to dramatic scenes stepdaughter. When the statue of her husband and former mayor loses its head in a freak thunderstorm,   goes to New York to meet the sculptor who is going to create the new statue. She gets into a little trouble and goes to jail for a night. The sculptor (Charles Boyer) falls in love with her and follows her to Anne to small town Vermont.

The staples of the screwball comedy are witty dialogue (check), marital misunderstandings (check), and a bit of slapstick (nope). Two out of three ain’t bad. At some point Anne’s stepdaughter believes the sculptor is in love with her and the stepdaughter’s boyfriend believes Mrs. Crandall has the hots for him.

This movie is not a classic and was, in fact, a B-movie for Columbia. Together Again is also not as pristine as some of the other movies in the Icons of Screwball Comedy sets. There are specs and scratches for about ten or twenty seconds in a couple of scenes. Generally though, this movie still looks quite good.

If you are a fan of the screwball genre, Together Again is an enjoyable example of its kind. The Icons of Screwball Comedy 2 DVD set is something fans will enjoy.

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