Jamie Lee Curtis, John Cleese
Michael Palin, Kevin Kline
Directed by Charles Crichton
MGM 1988
108 minutes

A Fish Called Wanda is a great over the top crime comedy that brings out all of Jamie Lee Curtis’ talent and comic timing. The very sexy Curtis is supported by Pythons John Cleese and Michael Palin as well as 1988 Best Supporting Actor Oscar winner Kevin Kline. A Fish Called Wanda is available in a 2 DVD set with City Slickers as part of MGM’s Award Series Double Feature.

In A Fish Called Wanda Jamie Lee Curtis plays a jewel thief teamed up with nutjob Kevin Kline and paired up with PETA member and Yorkshire terrier hit man Michael Palin, and fall guy Tom Georgeson. After Georgeson gets fingered by Curtis and Kline, the duo learns he was cleverer than he thought and moved the jewels. The chase for the missing jewels is on and soon involves Georgeson’s barrister John Cleese.

With talent like this, this comedy does not miss a single possible joke.

Other running gags involve Wanda’s heart-shaped pendant, hits on a little old lady’s dogs in the hope she’ll keel over.

A Fish Called Wanda is a comedy where everything that can go wrong does and what does go wrong goes even more wrong since all the characters are more dysfunctional than the American economy.

Fans of this comedy already know the film was screened for a test audience and the original ending was replaced with a rather different one.

A Fish Called Wanda is a great comedy but you really must avoid the dreadful Fierce Creatures should have been straight to DVD and even then sequel.

The Easter Egg on this DVD of A Fish Called Wanda, an aquarium sequence with Wanda the fish, is available when you click the treasure chest.

The MGM Award Series Double Feature A Fish Called Wanda DVD comes in a flip side fullscreen / widescreen but no special features.


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