Political comedy has the shelf life of a politician’s promise. Satirist and stand-up comic Will Durst is excellent at excoriating the American political animals in a take no sides and no prisoners approach that is sure to entertain and enrage both reds and blues.

Ring Toss For Aliens is his 2007 stand-up comedy CD and it is unfortunately his shortest lived topically. This CD is decent enough but if you want some longer lasting political comedy, Durst’s earlier efforts are a better bet.

The main weakness with this Will Durst CD is, believe it or not, there are only so many George Bush jokes to go around and very little that have not already been tried in some form or other by other stand-up comics. Also, Ring Toss for Aliens was recorded before the 08 Democratic convention so nobody, including Durst, knew who the Democratic and Republican nominees would be.

It also seems that stand-up comics should thank the good lord for Obama. He may not, yet, be good comedic fodder, but this stand-up comedy CD proves comics would only get so much new mileage out of Hillary Clinton.

Durst himself seems to run out of steam three quarters into the show and goes for a question and answer bit with the audience. The problem with something like this is you rarely get to hear the question clearly and Durst does not always repeat the question for the CD audience. This comic is also not a master of audience work and it shows.

Will Durst is a very good political stand-up comic and satirist but Ring Toss For Aliens is not his best or most memorable effort. Fans will appreciate this stand-up comedy CD but others should stick with the earlier releases.

Ring Toss For Aliens
Will Durst
Stand-up Comedy CD
Independent release
Recorded March 2007
56 minutes

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