95 Miles To Go
Ray Romano
Documentary DVD
VSC 2012
77 minutes

95 Miles To Go is an interesting enough 77-minute comedy documentary DVD if you are a comedy fan. Otherwise, pass. Directed by Tom Caltabiano, a comic who warmed up for Romano before, during, and after Everybody Loves Raymond, this 2004 documentary follows Romano and Caltabiano as they drive around Florida on I-95 going from gig to gig.

There is no real point to the documentary aside from being a video diary of life on the stand-up road. All you learn is Ray Romano is a pretty nice guy who sometimes goes out of his way to greet fans, etc. After that, 95 Miles To Go is not any different from any family vacation video.

You do get a minute or so of Romano on stage from time to time but nothing continuous. The rest is hotel room, driving, and back stage stuff.

This documentary, made after the fifth season of Ray Romano’s hit situation comedy Everybody Loves Raymond, features hand held camera and dash camera footage. The picture quality is excellent.

Special features include a twenty-something minute show Ray Romano gave in Kansas City. Aside from that there is the usual commentary, deleted scenes, extended footage, and two Q & A sessions after a showing of 95 Miles to Go.

You can also check out Exporting Raymond, a documentary on exporting Everybody Loves Raymond

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