Where the #$&% Is Santa?
The entire Margera family, Other Morons
Directed by Joe DeVito and Bam Margera
Warner Home Video 2008
93 minutes

If you were a fan of Jackass, Viva la Bam, and Bam’s Unholy Union, read on. You may have found the perfect Christmas treat to share with your drinking buddies. Yes, Where The #$&% Is Santa? is NOT a nice little family DVD. It’s rated R for a reason, R for Retard. As you can expect from a production involving Bam Margera, there is plenty is swearing, stupid stunts, sexual innuendos, drinking, car wrecks… Need I say #$% more?

The premise for Where The #$&% Is Santa? is that a few days before Christmas, Bam and his gang decide to try and find the perfect gift for Bam’s wife Missy. During the usual liquid breakfast, he says: “Maybe I should get her Santa Claus”. The discussion then drifts to where one would find the real Santa, and Bam knows where to find him. Santa lives in Lapland, Finland. So as you can guess, Bam decides to leave for Finland to try and find Santa with his deranged group of buddies, leaving Missy and his mom April in charge of all other Christmas preparations.

The fun actually starts before they leave for Finland when their buddy Brandon Novak shows up from Baltimore. He eventually becomes the butt of every joke, which gets quite funny at moments. They then proceed to Finland where they hope to find Santa. Along the way, they’ll get help from rockers Andy McCoy (from Hanoi Rocks) and Ville Vallo (of HIM). The Dudesons will actually be the ones leading Bam and his crew most of the way to the Arctic Circle. As the search becomes harder and harder, Bam and friends start to wonder if they’ll be able to find Santa at all, which explains the movie’s title.

If you’re looking for more of Bam’s irreverent humor, look no more, Where the #&% Is Santa  is what you were looking for. If you thought Bam Margera softened up a bit in Bam’s Unholy Union, get ready to discover the crazy drinking rebel skater that we liked so much in Viva la Bam. The DVD offers some nice additional footage, and the only negative thing I can say is that I would’ve liked to see more outtakes or other material to further beef up this offering.


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