This Aziz Ansari stand-up comedy DVD or CD is decent enough if you are still developing your comedy palate. Intimate Moments for a sensual Evening, already the winner of the lamest title for 2010, has its moments. Aziz Ansari has his moments but overall this Comedy Central Special, DVD, and  CD show a comic who has yet to really get his act together. This show features adult material.

Ansari has the annoying tendency many young comics have of repeating the punchline a couple of times, just to make sure the audience got it. True, audiences have a shorter and shorter attention span but there is a limit. Most irritating is the comedian’s tendency to oversell everything. If you have to yell the punchline it probably isn’t that good in the first place.

Aziz Ansari Funny People, Parks & Recreation) occasionally show a knack for putting together a smart bit and a couple even reminded me of the kind of offbeat stand-up Mitch Hedberg did. Ansari even has Hedberg’s delivery. This is especially true on the second routine, Sheets

Aziz Ansari’s style is the short mostly biographical story. Part of the problem is his life is not always that interesting. A rather long routine here is built around meeting Kanye West. The comic’s target audience will appreciate his Facebook, MTV’s Next, and Blackberry routines but they will leave others cold.

The special feature on the Aziz Ansari Comedy Central DVD is a thirty minute performance filmed at the Upright Citizens Brigade especially for this release. It is not a big budget affair but it is a nice gesture on the comic’s part.

Intimate Moments for a Sensual Evening
Aziz Ansari
Stand-up Comedy DVD or CD
Comedy Central 2010
56 minutes plus extras on DVD

Upright Citizens Brigade Comedy Death-Ray

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