Is it just me or does stand-up comic Ralphie May sometimes sound like South Park’s Cartman? That said, AustinTatious is the fourth Ralphie May stand-up comedy DVD.

This comedian has yet to drop the comedy ball; he is as solid and funny as ever and just as somewhat edgy as always. The AustinTatious DVD features some 20 minutes of material not on the CD.

The major difference between this Ralphie May DVD and the CD is the opening routine on his wife’s pregnancy, the birth of his daughter, and his wife’s importance in his life is not on the CD. This is really a shame as this is an excellent routine. There are also a couple of shorter bits that were not included

Also excellent is the airport routine. Yes, an airport routine that is funny and fresh. This seques nicely into a routine about taking a subway with some Chinese folks.

Ralphie May is always a bit edgy. This stand-up comedy DVD features one of the best race bits ever. Although this very smart part of the show is introduced by the standard “how white folk check the closest minority audience member to see if it is okay to laugh”. The routine begins with a story about playing West Palm Beach and evolves into “Blank” Americans, as good a politically and socially aware piece of stand-up comedy as you’ll hear. The bit on crazy white folk is pretty decent.

The rest of Ralphie May AustinTatious is good but sags in comparison to the Blank Americans bit.

Also not on the Ralphie May CD are Skeletor Showdown and Kiss the Bunny. Good bits but not as much an omission as the opening routine. The Bunny bit is not worthy of a comic like May.

Please do not ask me why the side view shots of Ralphie May are in black and white. It is just 8&^*)) annoying, especially when all you see is May’s triple chins.

This fourth stand-up comedy DVD by Ralphie May will absolutely please his many fans and create more. May is solid, solid, solid.

Ralphie May
Stand-up Comedy DVD
Image Entertainment 2009
99 minutes

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