I very much enjoyed Brian Regan stand-up comedy DVD Live From Radio City Music Hall.

Considering the fact my taste and interest for stand-up comedy has fallen quite a bit lately, this is a bit of an accomplishment. I would not go as far as the blurb on the back of this Comedy Central DVD and say “Brian Regan reinvigorates comedy” but he does give a solid, clean, and very entertaining stand-up comedy show.

Regan does touch upon the usual comedy tropes of doctors, hotels, and silly expressions like “don’t shop when you’re hungry” but they are but a small part of the show. The rest is funny, original stuff that bears repeated watching.

I really enjoyed the routine about his first job at IHOP and the story about the guy who got the part doing Godzilla’s voice in the movie. Also good are the segment about the new complexity of trying to do a cash transaction at the store, why is the “Catch of the Day” always fish, dump questions sports reporters ask, and how hard it is to dance.

Another highlight is the bit about how difficult it is to feel comfortable and mingle at parties. Anybody with a bit of shy in them will relate to this material.

A couple of the routines here are a bit dated. That includes the one about the mortgage meltdown. Brian Regan  could have at least changed the premise that the economy is in the tank. It is certainly doing better than when he first did this bit. Fortunately, 90% of the material on this Comedy Central DVD is fresh and funny.

Live From Radio City Music Hall
Brian Regan
Stand-up Comedy DVD
Comedy Central 2016

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