The Epitome of Hyperbole is a one-hour special by stand-up comedian Brian Regan. We were rather cool on his previous show, Standing Up, but this one is excellent. Regan opens strong with a very funny and original joke about still living with his parents that very nicely segues into a great bit on reading. The comic does milk the “stupid” part of the joke a bit though.

The next bit has the best and darkest JFK joke since Bill Hicks’. The art discussion is also superb and a must show to your artistic friends. Regan is the only comic who also has a solid stand-up comedy bit about ballet that leads to one on opera.

Not that this clean comedian is all high-brow humor. The artsy stuff is followed by a decent bit on learning Spanish vs reality and one about a trip to McDonald’s.

There really are no weak moments in this show. The judge / lawyers / jury duty routine is more original and funny material. Brian Regan at the top of his game for this comedy special so even the bit about TV shows manages to rise above the usual stuff, especially the cooking show bit.This comic is very uneven. This time, Brian Regan doesn’t satisfy himself doing lightweight material a la Dane Cook. Hell, even the heckler is smart. This makes for an excellent show.

I Only wish Brian Regan had done more with the “how society portrays men as stupid” bit.

Brian Regan The Epitome of Hyperbole
Saturday Night Stand-Up
The Comedy Network
Saturday May 2nd 2009 10 P.M.
Clean show

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