Live From the Middle
Vince Martin is different. He is pro-gun conservative who is for gay marriage and the legalization of marijuana. The title of his stand-up comedy MP3 album Live From the Middle refers to both his stance, middle-class background, and middle America origins. This is interesting and funny stand-up.

Some might tag Martin as a redneck comic but that would be diminutive for a comic who has a fun bit on post modernism and yuppiedom. The first half of this comedy album is the most political and social and the strongest.

The second half of Vince Martin’s comedy mp3 album is more college circuit stuff with Jagermeister and pot material.

The album closes with a bit on moving to tornado alley and one about how those are are bad-ass do not look bad-ass.

For some reason, one is left with the impression Martin is good but not as good as he could be.

Live From the Middle
Vince Martin
Stand-up Comedy MP3
Next Round Entertainment 2012

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