About Got Damn Time
Platinum Comedy Series
Fox Home Entertainment 2005
58 minutes plus extra


It would be bad humor to say this stand-up comic is called Earthquake because the room just constantly shakes with laughter when he is on stage, but I am going to say it anyway. About Got Damn Time is a 58-minute stand-up comedy DVD by a great comedian where the laughs never stop, even when he pauses for a drink or to wipe the sweat off his brow.

Earthquake covers the full spectrum of humor from working at bad jobs to black kids today and he seamlessly moves from one topic from another. The set starts off with the disadvantages of dating Michael Jordan’s ex or Martin Luther King’s widow. Now that is pressure. He then moves on to having your parents move into your place and having them live by the rules they set when you were a kid.

This great stand-up comedy DVD then continues on to topics such as having kids, 9/11 and why no Black guy could be a terrorist, child support court, and getting rid of your ex legally.

The laughter never, ever stops as jokes then cover death row, problems with dating young women, Whitney Houston, and retarded-ass kids.

This is, of course, adult oriented material, not only for some of the language but also some of the topics such as Black porno flicks. The only disadvantage to this stand-up comedy DVD is it is too short.

It would have been great to see Earthquake do more with why Noah could not have been a Black guy as it would have made a nice counterpoint to Cosby‘s classic bit.

Earthquake is also a social and political comic as he also covers what it means to be Black, how hard it is for Black actors to get parts in movies, even Planet of the Apes, and how dangerous it is out there for and because of some Black kids.

The extra feature on this DVD is a behind the scenes with Earthquake in his hotel room. You can skip that.


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